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Dual Enrollment / Concurrent Enrollment

What are Dual Enrollment and Concurrent Courses?
Paradise Schools signed an agreement with Maricopa County Community College District to allow students to take dual enrollment and concurrent enrollment classes.
  • Dual enrollment classes are taught by Paradise Schools teachers who have at least 18 credit hours at the 500 level or higher.
  • Concurrent courses are taught by instructors from Rio Salado Community College in an online or in-person format.
These courses can be integrated into a student's regular school schedule. A student who is enrolling in a dual or concurrent enrollment class may be required to take the EdReady Placement test. The cost of a dual or concurrent course is dependent on the number of college credits of the course. By selecting courses labeled DE/CE, the student and their family agree to pay the course fee for credit. Students who qualify for free and reduced lunch qualify for a reduced tuition rate through MCCD.
A student who wishes to take a DE class, but not receive college credit may do so. The course will still be weighted, but college credit will not be earned. If a student would like college credit, but may need financial assistance, they should reach out to the counselor for scholarship opportunities.
Dual Enrollment courses are $85 per credit plus the $15 registration fee (1 registration fee per semester, no matter how many classes the student is taking). For example, DE Biology is 4 college credits. The cost of this course is $355.00 ($85 per credit + $15 registration fee). 
Tuition is paid directly through Rio Salado Community College. Our Rio Salado representative, Mr. Jake Hall, will come to PHHS to help students register for their classes and get set up to make payments. 
If your student is in need of financial assistance, you may apply for a grant through Maricopa County here. Applications are accepted March-May. This grant is needs based and can pay for up to 12 Dual Enrollment credits for students.
Students may also qualify for scholarships through Rio Salado's ACE Program. Visit the ACE Program website to learn about who can participate and how to apply.
***The 2023-2024 fee schedule will be published in Spring 2023 to provide the most accurate cost. The fee schedule will include rates for students who qualify for free or reduced lunch. This document can be found under "Forms and Downloads".
Transferability and Course Equivalency
When checking on transferability and course equivalency for ASU, NAU, and U of A, the best tool to use is the Course Equivalency Guide via
If you have questions regarding Dual and Concurrent enrollment classes, including course registration, course fees, or financial aide, please contact our Rio Salado representative at [email protected]