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Who can attend PHHS? Are there district boundaries?
Any student that is a resident of Arizona can attend PHHS, we do not have district boundaries. An Arizona Residency Documentation Form with appropriate documentation is required to enroll. 
Can my student and I schedule a tour of PHHS?
Yes! You can contact our counseling office to schedule a tour here.
Where can I submit an enrollment application?
You can learn about the enrollment process and submit an application on our website here.
Do students have to re-enroll every year?
Yes, re-enrollment forms for current students are sent out via email in December of each school year. Current students must indicate if they are or are not returning for the next school year. 
What are class sizes like at PHHS?
There are 22 students per class at PHHS.
What are the graduation requirements for PHHS?
PHHS Graduation requirements can be found here.
We are excited to share that the Paradise Honors School Board approved changes to graduation
requirements. The graduating class of 2023 is not impacted by the changes in these graduation requirements. The implementation of the graduation requirements will take three years to accomplish. Beginning in the 2023-2024 school year, we will move to a 6 period school day. Through this transition, we will increase the number of electives
that are offered as one semester in length. Students will still be able to explore many areas of study. You can find more information regarding course availability and graduation requirements in our course catalog here.
Does PHHS offer services for students with an IEP or 504? 
Yes, we offer services for students with an IEP or 504 plan. You may reach out to Mrs. Boten at [email protected] for more information about how we can support your student with an IEP. You may reach out to our counseling office at 623-455-7422 for more information about 504 plan support.
Does PHHS offer AP and Dual Enrollment classes?
Yes, we offer AP courses as well as Dual and Concurrent Enrollment courses for our students. You can find more information about these courses here.
Does PHHS work with West-Mec?
Yes, eligible students are able to attend West-Mec while enrolled at PHHS. You can learn more about West-Mec here.
Do PHHS student have to pay tuition?
Students do not have to pay tuition at PHHS. There are some fees throughout the year such as course supply fees for certain classes, club/athletic fees, and DE/CE course fees. You can view the PHHS Fee List here. 
Are students required to wear PHHS Student IDs? What do they do if they lose their ID?
Yes, all PHHS students are required to wear their school issued ID at all times while on campus. If they lose their ID, they can go to the front office to purchase a new one. 
Does PHHS offer sports and clubs for students to participate in?
Yes! PHHS offers a variety of sports and clubs for our student. You can visit the athletics website to learn more about the sports that we offer. You can also visit our clubs page to find a club that your student may be interested in. 
Does PHHS have bus transportation for students?
Paradise Schools offers inter-school bus transportation between PHES, PHMS, and PHHS. We do not offer bus transportation that goes to any homes. You can find more information about bus transportation here.
Does PHHS require uniforms?
Students are not required to wear uniforms at PHHS. We do have a strict dress code that students must follow. You can learn more about our dress code in our Student Handbook here.
Does PHHS offer a hybrid learning option? 
No, PHHS does not offer a hybrid learning option. Student attend full time, in person instruction.
What are the PHHS school colors and mascot?
Our school colors are royal blue, black, and white. The PHHS mascot is a panther. 
Does PHHS have a Statement of Non-Discrimination? 
Paradise Schools is an non-profit, non-sectarian, public charter school, and does not discriminate in any of its practices on the basis of gender, race, religion, national origin, or disability. We have an open enrollment policy and treat all application equally as long as the applicant has passed the previous grade of instruction and is an Arizona State resident. We do not use the content of applications to make enrollment decisions. Furthermore, acts of discrimination, retaliation, or harassment based upon gender, race, religion, national origin, or disability are strictly forbidden by the policies of Paradise Schools. Discipline up to expulsion of a student or dismissal of an employee may be applied for any violation of this policy. Active participation, volunteerism, and support from our families are expected and vital to our success. Parent engagement allows our families and students to gain the full benefit of Paradise Schools.