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Report An Absence

To report an absence, please call 623-455-7465. 
PHHS Attendance Policy

Attendance is crucial to educational success. Participation in the curriculum and learning environment is critical to achieving an understanding of the content. All students should be in school every day.
If a student must be absent:
  1. Parents/guardians must call the office or submit a note to the school office within 24 hours of the absence. Call 623-455-7465 for absences.
  2. If the absence is for an excused medical or legal appointment, documentation must be submitted to the school office.
  3. The student must make up all the work from the time missed. It is the student’s responsibility to contact the teacher outside of class time to obtain all assignments and complete them in the time designated by the teacher; generally, the same number of days missed.
  4. Students must have a doctor’s note to be excused from participation in physical education classes. The doctor’s note must include an expiration date.
  5. Students that are absent for more than half of a school day are not eligible for any extracurricular activities that day. If absent on a Friday, students are not eligible for Friday and Saturday activities.
  6. Unexcused Absences and ditching are a Level 3 in the Student Code of Conduct.
For all classes: 
  • On the 5th absence, parent contact will be made via letter from school, email, and/or phone. Upon the 5th unexcused absence per semester, parents/guardians will be required to meet with administration.
  • On the 10th absence, a second parent contact will be made via letter from school, email, and/or phone.
  • On the 15th absence, a third parent contact will be made via letter from school, email, and/or phone
Students having 9 absences or above per semester may lose credit for that semester. The student must still attend classes and complete assignments and other course requirements. Failure to do so will result in disciplinary action.
Per A.R.S. 15-901, a student may be withdrawn after ten (10) consecutive days of unexcused absences. Excessive absences will also lead to a referral through the Arizona CUTS program. Letters will be sent home explaining this
process as needed.

Arizona law allows for a student age 16 years or older to be expelled due to excessive absenteeism (A.R.S. 15-841(B)). Absences may be considered excessive when the number of absent days exceeds ten percent (10%) of the number of required attendance
Loss of Credit

Per Arizona Revised Statute 15-802, 15-803, a student who is absent from any given class 10% or more either excused or unexcused, per year may not receive academic credit for that class.