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Paradise Honors High School
12775 N. 175th Ave
Surprise, AZ 85388
P: 623-455-7400
F: 623-975-4380
Office Hours
Monday through Friday, 7:30 am to 3:30 pm
School Hours 
Gates Open at 7:30 am
M, T, Th, F - 7:50 am to 3:00 pm
W - 7:50 am to 1:16 pm
School Colors 
Royal blue, black, and white
Position Name Phone Email
Principal Dr. Gina Garcia 623-455-7402 [email protected]
Asst. Principal Terra O'Brien 623-455-7402 [email protected]
Dean of Students
Steven Pierce
 623-455-7402 [email protected]
Athletic Director Ben Clark 623-455-7481 [email protected]
CIS Samantha Fair 623-455-7404 [email protected]
CIS Kimberly Stillings 623-455-7416 [email protected]
CTE Coordinator Rosalie Garcia   [email protected]
Admin. Asst. to Administration Amanda Clemmer 623-455-7402 [email protected]
Admin. Asst. to Athletic Director
Nadena VanCleaf 623-455-7481 [email protected]
Registrar/Attendance Kayla Valdez 623-455-7465 [email protected]
Receptionist Madonna de Vlieger 623-455-7401 [email protected]
Counseling Admin. Asst. Michelle Reynolds 623-455-7422 [email protected]
Counselor Christine Flower
623-455-7422 [email protected]
Counselor Davida Patterson
623-455-7422 [email protected]
Counselor Mai Huynh
623-455-7422 [email protected]
Health Aide Cheryl Holmes 623-455-7411 [email protected]
Campus Support Aide Jeff Herrmann 623-455-7402 [email protected]
Campus Support Aide Jose Avila 623-455-7402 [email protected]
Master Tech Teacher Brianna Grant 623-455-7513 [email protected]